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When thinking about the possible risks your workers may face in the workplace, it is common to overlook hot weather. According to a study conducted by UCLA, high temperatures can increase the risk of injury by 10% to 15%, and there is an estimated amount of 15,000 annual injuries caused by extreme heat. Still, you can take measures to protect your employees during summer better.

1. Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion and stroke are the two major concerns when operating in high temperatures. Make sure workers know how to recognize the symptoms of overheating and put preventive measures in place. Areas covered from the sun, a place to sit, refrigerators with cold water, and a few air-conditioned rooms can drastically reduce heat exhaustion.


2. Mental and Physical Fatigue

Being exposed to heat for extended periods can cause mental and physical fatigue, leaving workers exhausted, weak, and confused. Operating machinery or equipment in this state may even result in an injury. To lessen heat stress, reduce physical labor, insulate hot rooms such as kitchens, and provide hydration stations.

3. Extreme Weather

Summer weather often brings thunderstorms, floods, and wildfires with it. These climate conditions are a safety risk and can cause significant damage to a building, resulting in loss of life. Some simple preventive methods include keeping tabs on the weather forecast every day and wrapping up early if there are weather alerts.

4. Inexperienced Seasonal Workers

Warm temperatures and vacations bring many different seasonal jobs and teenagers looking for their first job. A lack of experience and unfamiliarity with safety measures increases the risk of an accident. Scheduling a few hours of training on safety and correct use of equipment, paired with expert supervision, will give seasonal workers a better starting ground.

5. Increased Driving Risks

Although you may think winter is the most dangerous time to be on the road, summer can be equally risky. Road construction leading to more traffic, unpredictable weather, and distracted pedestrians are some of the most common reasons for vehicular accidents. To minimize these risks, find alternative routes for the driver in case of road work or traffic jams and place only prudent people behind the wheel.

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