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Concerns about the accounting for property damage and any related insurance claims often arise when an entity suffers damage to assets that they have insured against. Financial losses as a result of the loss of property are a significant and pressing matter. Insurance is a valuable asset that should be used to assist in recovery after a consequential loss.

Understanding how to recover assets is a complicated process loaded with pitfalls, but employing all available insurance coverage and aggressively pursuing claims are critical initial steps toward recovery. The following are some essential steps to assist you in managing and maximizing your insurance recovery after an asset loss.

Determine Available Insurance Policies for Asset Recovery

The first step in seeking compensation for a policyholder’s losses is to locate and thoroughly analyze all possibly applicable insurance policies. A company’s first-party commercial property and property damage insurance are the most likely sources of coverage.


Preserving Claims and Recovering Insurance Proceeds

A policyholder must evaluate and alert their insurance provider as soon as possible after a property loss occurs to preserve any viable claim. The majority of insurance policies specify how and when to document and submit a claim. Most policies, moreover, will have specific dates.

Document Property Loss and Maintain Records

It takes time to assess the total level of loss and damage, but a policyholder should start documenting and quantifying any asset damage or loss as soon as possible. Accounting experts will likely work together on asset recovery.

Cooperate With Your Insurance Company

Many insurance policies require policyholders to cooperate with the insurer’s claim investigation. Responding to inquiries irrelevant to a coverage review or meant to limit or deny coverage is not cooperating.

Involve an Experienced Team for Asset Recovery

Many tasks must be completed in the aftermath of an asset loss. Many policyholders are not only managing their losses and damages, but they are also working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet their needs. Given these considerations, IMA Financial Group can provide a recovery team proactively and crucially, contact us today.

Insurance is a long-standing idea that has evolved. Property insurance protects your property or assets, as well as their contents. Here are some of the reasons why insurance for property is crucial.

Full Protection

Assets have full protection against all types of risk of loss resulting from damage, losses, or other disruptions. Failure to preserve your essential assets can lead to a loss that can significantly affect your financial status.

It Gives a Sense of Safety

Property insurance provides you with peace of mind and confidence as the owner of your assets by protecting you against the unknown dangers of loss. If those risks occur and you suffer losses, the insurance provider will undoubtedly compensate you accordingly.

Full Compensation

Property insurance compensates you if your property receives damage or loss. Your financial situation remains uncompromised for asset recovery.

Reduced Risks

Even if certain risks of loss do not relate to your properties, obtaining property insurance will effectively reduce the impact of those risks. Knowing that you have the correct kind of insurance is a significant part of dealing with any unexpected problem.

Learn More About Asset Recovery After a Loss

Take the time to re-evaluate your asset’s insurance coverage once your claim settles. IMA Financial Group, Inc. is an integrated financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its widely varied client base through insurance and wealth management solutions. Contact us for more information on insuring your investment.

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