Personal Insurance

We went to IMA Select on a recommendation from our estate lawyer. Jessica Weir at IMA explained their services, patiently answered all of my questions, and there was no pressure to either go in a specific direction or to go with them. Jessica was very responsive during the entire process of transitioning all of our insurance needs away from our long time vendors, facilitated the process with these vendors, and followed up on all hiccups that occurred during the transition. We were very happy with the IMA services, as well as the knowledge and professionalism of the staff.
– Paul Lilly, Personal Lines Insurance Client

Personal Insurance

Well, it seems that the lady had quite an attorney there, one who knew what the other parties were all thinking!! Kidding aside, insuring to value is important and good insurers will be running ITV calculations. Sometimes it is not an ITV issue that makes a person leave. It was a claim that an “unnamed carrier” paid that caused me to seek greener pastures. I’ve been in commercial insurance for over 30 years and gave the details of this claim to everyone I know asking their opinion. In every single case, the answer was that the carrier should NOT have paid the claim. It was an auto accident where my oldest daughter was struck in the rear by another party. Clear liability existed on the other driver, backed up by the campus police report narrative. My “former carrier” took the easy way out and paid the claim citing that the other party had filed first as the reason. WHAT???? In what liability world does filing a claim first mean you are absolved of fault? Anyway….fast forward, we moved to IMA Select and Susan is our Private Client contact. We have been THRILLED with the service and value we get for the premium paid with our carrier now. Sorry for the long post but we highly recommend IMA Select!

– Steven Woodard, CPCU, AU, personal insurance Client

Personal Insurance

I have so many amazing things to say about IMA Select! As a new customer, I’m very pleased with their customer service as a team. Morgan Orlando is an outstanding and thoughtful agent. She not only helped me select the most appropriate coverages for myself and my wife’ needs, but she was also very helpful getting coverages for my father. She was kind enough to send thank you note, and gift, for the referral. And has been very attentive and quick to respond since binding the policies. Christy Perrine has also been of the utmost help and counsel. She quickly and efficient helped sort out a mortgage billing issue and professionally advised me about how / when best to file a claim. Sharron Hall, was an outstanding claims advocate and offered sound advice on how best to proceed with the insurance carrier after a total loss claim. I cannot emphasize enough that if you want coverages and customer service team you can rely on, this is the place!

– Alden Wagner, Personal Insurance Client

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Personal Insurance

I have been a client of Waldman Bros for more than 40 years, and cannot remember a time I was a client of anyone else. Waldman bros returns my calls instantly, and they are completely responsive to all requests and questions I have. Waldman Bros’ develops warm, personal, working relationships with its clients, and they have provided me with decades of first-rate service.
– Howard Rachofsky, Personal Insurance Client

Business Lines

IMA Select is who I trust for our small business insurance needs, without question. Chris listened carefully to our needs and made several recommendations on ways to get the underwriters comfortable with our very unique service company. He provided good examples of things I might have overlooked and level set expectations about what market conditions look like for a new start up company. He went to the underwriters with our company’s story and found the right solution for our needs. I’m already looking forward to our renewal and providing a year’s worth of data to see what a year’s worth of growth looks like for coverage.

– Misty Lea, Business Insurance Client