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Good contractors ask questions, diagnose problems, and listen to their clients’ concerns and dreams. Then they do the diligence to create, repair, or renovate to remedy problems or bring a dream to reality. It can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but a good project is worth the effort. At IMA Select we have a mission to change the way contractors feel and think about insurance. We, too, want to create, repair, or renovate your current insurance program into something that gives you peace of mind that your assets and wealth are protected. You deserve the confidence that comes from an informed decision, and we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Common Misconception…

I bid for work in my industry, and I think it is best to make every broker compete for my business.

Selecting one broker to work on your behalf in the insurance marketplace will create the competition amongst the insurance carriers. The difference in brokers comes from expertise and negotiating abilities.



You need a strategic, smart, and wise “subcontractor” that protects your assets and wealth. You often use subcontractors that are specialists in their craft. This is quite similar. We specialize in working with contractors, so we understand the unique needs and subsequent solutions that are common in your industry. We are here for you.


You need a claims team that does more than just process claims. IMA has the experience combined with the longstanding relationships with insurance carriers to help you manage and compress your claims as well as advocate any coverage issues. We are here for you.


Control your total cost of risk by partnering with a team that helps you manage your exposures to loss through education and training, helpful audits and a thorough understanding of compliance regulations. We are here for you

At IMA select, our mission is to change the way people think and feel about insurance. If you have any questions on more information on getting insurance, please contact an IMA Select representative in your area.

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