Kevin Morey

Kevin joined IMA in 2022 as a Producer for IMA Select Dallas. In this role he helps clients understand and … Read More >

Luis Correa

Luis joined IMA Select in 2022, bringing more than a decade of experience in mobility industry, healthcare, and retail. During … Read More >

Ashley Balais

Ashley Balais joined IMA Select as a personal insurance advisor in 2021 specializing in customized insurance solutions for successful individuals, … Read More >

Riley Spight

Riley joined IMA Select in 2022 with a background in Agriculture and Logistics. This experience provided a great foundation to … Read More >

Shannan Kendziorski

Shannan Kendziorski joined IMA Select in 2019 as Texas Market Manager and Commercial Client Advisor. Shannan enjoys working closely with … Read More >

Peggy Lemmon

Peggy Lemmon joined IMA Select in 2017 as a Commercial Client Advisor. Peggy enjoys working closely with clients to develop … Read More >

Danielle Webb

Danielle Webb joined IMA Select in 2012 as a Business Insurance Advisor. ¬†As a Business Insurance Advisor, Danielle is responsible … Read More >

Chandra Hagaman

Chandra Hagaman joined IMA Select in 2019 as the Colorado Market Manager. She enjoys working closely with clients to develop … Read More >

Dave Sanders

Dave Sanders joined IMA Select in 2016. He is also responsible for growth of IMA offices by promoting new business … Read More >

Caicy Oliphant

Caicy Oliphant joined the IMA Select team in 2017 as a Marketing Representative. Caicy previously worked in the insurance industry … Read More >