The moving industry in the U.S is a booming sector with an estimated $86 billion in revenue. According to 2019 Census data, almost 31 million people moved within the U.S in 2019. That translates to 9.8% of all Americans moving every year. 15.3 million American households move every year.

Moving is a pain. There’s no way around it. The packing, the driving, the unpacking – all of it can be stressful and exhausting. Thankfully, with the proper planning, it can be much easier. We’ve compiled a checklist of seven things that you should not forget when moving out or into a new home!

Moving Company “Non-Allowable” Rules

If you’re moving on your own or planning to hire a private mover – don’t forget that there are certain items that movers will not transport. These items include hazardous materials like guns and acids, perishables like refrigerated foods, personal valuables like jewelry, artwork, and financial documents.

It’s also a good idea to leave valuables at work or in a safety deposit box rather than bring them on the truck.


Transporting Fragile Items

Fragile items can be a hassle to transport. Glass, mirrors, and some types of porcelain are examples of fragile valuables that you should be very mindful of when packing.

While it may seem common sense, remember not to bring valuables in the truck! If possible, have valuables delivered by your conveyance.

Home Inventory

Many people make the mistake of overestimating how much insurance they need. This is why it’s a good idea to conduct an inventory of valuables before moving out. An inventory ensures coverage for your valuables should anything happen during the move.

It’s also a good idea to verify all valuables in your home are adequately insured before you leave. In case of any loss, the inventory will be helpful when making insurance claims.

Moving Insurance

If you are transporting valuables or items back and forth, make sure to check with your insurance carrier. Some policies won’t cover valuables. Ensure that your valuables have been adequately insured before transporting them on the move!

Check with both your moving company and insurer regarding valuables to have a clear understanding of policy coverage.

Measuring Current Furniture

When moving, it’s essential to measure your furniture before packing them. You want to make sure that they will fit into the new home! Packing furniture in too little space can damage delicate items or cause them to shift when the truck is in motion.

Measure any current furnishings to pack them using standardized measurements. Measure the furniture’s length, width, height, and diagonal depth.

Security Arrangements

Security is essential. You don’t want to lose any of your items during the move. It’s also important to follow these few tips for securing your property during the move:

  • Make sure that you insure and document your valuables adequately before moving day. This will ensure you can properly file insurance claims if anything happens to valuables.
  • Write down serial numbers of any valuables you own. This includes electronics like laptops, cell phones, and game consoles!
  • If you have valuables, have them delivered by your private conveyance or store valuables at work/in a safety deposit box until you arrive at the new home.

Remember, all valuables should be packed and secured based on their value or fragility. Subsequently, have valuables delivered to their designated room.

Take Care of Pets

Moving valuables may be stressful for your pets. As a result, it’s essential to take care of them when going long distances.

If you’re driving the truck with valuables inside, make sure pets are comfortable in their crates or carrying cases. Ensure to feed and water your dog before departure so that they don’t experience any discomfort during the drive.

It’s also important to keep valuables separate from pets’ sleeping areas during the move so that valuables aren’t accidentally damaged or lost during transit.

Find More Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Moving Out

If you’re moving out, make sure to check off this list of items before your go:

  • Valuables will fit into the new home
  • Measure furniture for packing
  • Pet travel options
  • Insure and document valuables

IMA Select offers an extensive range of standard and customized insurance coverage to ensure that your items are insured against loss or theft when moving. If you have any questions on more information on getting insurance on your move, contact an IMA Select representative in your area.

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