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Every year, up to 210 million packages are stolen from people’s doorsteps. We will discuss tips on how to prevent your packages from being stolen.

Install A Security System On Your Front Porch

A security system on your front porch will both deter thieves and provide you with  peace of mind. The system will notify you when someone is at your door and help you distinguish between welcome and unwelcome guests.


Require a Signature for Every Delivery

Requesting a signature upon receipt will ensure the delivery of packages to the correct person. The driver will get a signature from the recipient to drop off the package. If you are not home, the package will be left in a designated holding area.

Use Smart Lockers or P.O Boxes

If you are worried about package theft, you can use an intelligent locker or P.O. Box for your package delivery. This will ensure that your packages are safe properly delivered. If you are not going to be home when your package arrives, you may also have your delivery made to a UPS or FedEx store instead of your home.

Track Your Package

Delivery tracking services allow you to keep track of your package every step of the way. They help you pinpoint where your package is and when to expect its arrival. If you see delays in your package delivery, you can contact the delivery company to find out why.

When you track a package, you will see when it is delivered, and you can confirm that delivery is to the correct address and recipient.

Use a Locking Mailbox or an Amazon Key

A lockbox is a safe and secure place for your packages to be delivered. In addition, the Amazon Key is a new service that allows the delivery of packages inside your home. It is an excellent option if you are not going to be home during delivery hours.

Request the Delivery of the Package to a Different Address

If you are not comfortable having your package delivered to your home, a friend’s house or a work address could be a better option.

Package theft is a significant problem, but by using these tips, you can help ensure that your packages arrive safely. Have your parcel delivered to a secure location, request signature confirmation, use a package locker, and use a delivery tracking service. These tips will help to keep your packages safe and out of the hands of thieves

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