Lawn Buddy nabs global recognition, adds insurance partnership with IMA Select.

IMA Select has been selected as the Insurance partner of choice for Lawn Buddy, a Wichita-based company which has been chosen as one of the top 300 companies worldwide in Startup Grind’s latest Global Startup Program.

“This is an example of how we provide clear protections in the form of insurance, and we know our work with Lawn Buddy will translate to other companies that require expedited insurance for their teams of third-party contractors,” says IMA Select’s president, Brian Sandy.

The benefit to his business, Werner says, is that the partnership helps eliminate a potential barrier to lawn care providers interested in utilizing Lawn Buddy to grow their business, while also giving veterans of the platform easier insurance options going forward.

“With IMA, it just provides more incentive for providers,” Werner says. “We see this as really adding value to the full spectrum of our business owners.”



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