It’s a new chapter for IMA Select, and it comes with exciting new tools for you to interact with us in the way you want. This winter, we will be launching new digital tools to make your life easier. Be the first to know when they go live.

1. Your New Client Portal

Insurance is an industry that’s rooted in tradition, but IMA Select is looking to the future. The first way we’re doing that is by launching a new resource library for you. Imagine having one place you go to access all your important policy information and documents. It’s sometimes hard to find the auto ID card for your vehicle. We’re changing that with an online portal and mobile-friendly application that’s your one-stop shop. Want to quickly reference your truck’s insurance? Piece of cake. What about insurance for your entire fleet? The scalable tool will break down barriers to better protect your business.

2. Self-Issued Certificates

Another pain point clients experience is the trivial, but critical, process of getting a certificate issued. It’s a make-or-break document that can stall your project. IMA Select business clients will be able to instantly self-issue standardized certificates. You’ve put an incredible amount of time, money and energy into your business. We want to offer instant proof of insurance protection to help you be successful.

3. A Faster Approval Process

We are implementing a safe, digital signature tool that’s managed with the touch of a button. When we need your approval, you’ll get an email – not snail mail – asking for a quick signature. Scribble your signature on your smartphone, and it’s instantly sent back. This small update for you can translate to a huge timesaver for you and ultimately accelerate the delivery of your customized insurance solution.

It’s all going live this winter, and we want you to be the first to know. Sign up here for notifications on how to take advantage of this safeguard.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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