Q: Who is IMA Select?
A: IMA Select LLC provides clear protections in the form of insurance for successful individuals and small businesses. It has offices in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and Wichita. IMA Select is led by President Brian Sandy.

Why did you change your name and logo?
A: By closer aligning with the brand and values of our parent company, the IMA Financial Group, we can better articulate why IMA Select is the smart choice to provide insurance protection to businesses, families and successful individuals. Most are unaware of just how much they have at stake, and it’s our passion to educate and advise on safeguards for their workplace and wealth.

Q: Does this affect my insurance?
A: Your coverage will remain the same, but you can also count on receiving more timely content that surpasses the mainstream insurance market. Click here to start receiving IMA Select’s important insurance updates.

Q: Is my current insurance still valid?
A: Absolutely. Your current insurance remains valid and on the same fees and timing schedule.

Q: Who do I contact for my insurance?
A: Your current representative will stay the same, however they have a new email address in the format of FirstName.LastName@imacorp.com. You can still email your representative at their previous email during this transition period.

Q: What does this mean for my insurance rates?
A: IMA always works to identify the best coverage at the best price. Your current insurance fee structure will not change because of this rebrand.

Q: How can I learn more about the new IMA Select?
A: IMA Select’s new website offers lots of great information about new features and educational materials. You can also sign up for free insurance information here highlighting the team’s expertise.

Q: What will be better about IMA Select?
A: IMA Select is changing the way people think about insurance, and our clients deserve better than the mainstream insurance market. They’re providing a custom approach to address your one-of-a-kind personal and business protections. They’re also rebranding to help leverage the IMA business model, market clout and brand to get you the best possible solution.

Q: Tell me more about your new digital tools.
A: A new brand also brings new tools to provide clear protections.  The new IMA Select website places an emphasis on timely content that’s relevant to our clients’ most pressing needs. It will be the first place clients go for trends affecting their workplace and wealth. IMA Select is also providing modern conveniences to meet the desires of our clients in the way they want to interact with us.  Clients will be able to access policy information, pay online and download important insurance documentation from the site, on their desktop or mobile device.

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