As a French based, independent, and family owned insurance broker, Verlingue provides simple and effective solutions to protect and serve their clients. They have global presence but are primarily operating in Europe.

Verlingue’s business model allows them claim advocacy and premier consultation for your clients. They specialize in employee benefits and compliance in their four primary European countries (France, UK, Switzerland, and Portugal). They also do wealth management including retirement, investments, and business protections; credit insurance to leverage against bad debts and improve cash flows in the business cycle; and enterprise risk management services through analyzing competitive advantages and market trends.

The Verlingue proposition goes beyond other traditional Risk Management solutions that are offered elsewhere. Through linking their Enterprise Risk solution to the clients’ Insurance review, Verlingue can look beyond transferring risk, but can proactively identify it. Consider Verlingue a valuable extension to the IMA Global Risk Team.




“Who We Are.” Verlingue,

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